Battle Stations

Kruger was already entering commands into the ship's console to initiate evasive maneuvers when the rest of his command crew poured onto the bridge.

“CAPTAIN!” Amelia shouted, her voice louder than she’d planned having not used it in however long they’d been asleep, “what are your orders?”

"We need people to attend to the waking crew, make sure panic doesn't set in. We also need defense teams situated at the most vulnerable areas of the ship in case whoever is shooting at us decides to board. That's in case we can't get the defense batteries online. We need to start firing back soon." Kruger told Amelia, then he added. "I trust your expertise in this matter, we're going to be in for a real fight it seems, give em hell!"

It was then that Forge barreled through the bulkhead door. "Captain, what is the status of the ship? How are the shields? How is the engine? Is everything running to standards captain? What can I do for you?" Forge had never been in an emergency situation like this, his skills will most certainly be put to the test.

Kruger had been reluctant to let what he felt was essentially a child be the head engineer on his ship. However, the boy had proven extremely resourceful and gifted, and like everyone on the ship, he trusted Forge's skills. "Corvey, numerous systems have been taken offline. The guns aren't working, engines are barely firing, and the plating on the ship's hull is already down to seventy percent. Either get our weapons operational or figure out a way to get us moving faster. Sooner the better!"

Then an alarm erupted from the console. The ship had launched enemy fighters.

"And someone find Rook and the other jockeys!" Kruger ordered. "We need our shuttles in the air!"

"Do you think they'll be able to hold off that squadron of fighters?" Amelia asked.

"God knows..." Kruger muttered to himself. "You have your orders people, we need to move fast!"


OOC: So here's a bit of tech info on the ship for future reference since I noticed North asked about shields. Exodus is a rather low-tech ship. It doesn't have FTL, and the engines aren't all that impressive at the moment, it can basically cross the solar system in about two weeks at top speed. It has armor plating, but not energy shields. The guns are all kinetic weapons, and the shuttles are basically that: shuttles with minor defensive gun batteries for asteroids. It's a primitive ship, but over time we'll get a hold of more futuristic upgrades to even the playing field. I wanted the deck to be stacked against us so our characters have to get clever when facing obstacles and enemies that utilize futuristic technology. I have gone ahead and made a more detailed description of the ship and its technology in the Game Info page.

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