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Trial of Mirrors

Jun 16, 2018, 10:28pm by LucianNepreen

Cassius looked at the mirrors with annoyance, he had no idea what awaited them if they split up. Tirr's willingness to do so also agitated, but as the voice said, only one had to succeed. " ...

OOC - Sure why not

Jun 16, 2018, 4:11pm by Jaxx

I can keep going. Jaxx ...

OOC - onboard

Jun 13, 2018, 10:38am by LaserSexPanther

I'm still on board so long as I will have people to post with. Posting talking to yourself is no fun. ...

New Mod

Jun 13, 2018, 8:12am by LucianNepreen

Hello! I have been gifted with the status of Moderator for this beautiful game and I do hope to keep this game going. I do need to know who is still onboard and who has grown tired of this ...

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