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Summary: Intense silent staring.

Quinn E.

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Gender: Male

Age: 12

Group: Supernaturals


It's pretty damn complicated

1/2 human
1/2 avian




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Physical Appearance

He is a 5'0" , 97 lbs. boy with light skin covered in grayish freckles. He has dark brown hair and big brown eyes. His torso is longer than the average human's, supporting a gray-speckled white 12 foot wingspan. He wears loose clothing but no shoes.

Personality and interests

He's very shy, but a sweetheart. He's skittish, and will flinch away from anything and everything. He loves to hear people talk though, especially if it's soft and quiet. It's unexplainable but he finds its calming.


He was the result of a failed attempt to scientifically create an angel. The basement scientist that created him kept him, though they continued their attempts. The scientist raises Quinn, though they use him for tests and monitoring to use for future attempts(he's given peanut butter as a treat for being good, which is how he grows to live it). He's found to have sensitive lungs, and certain fumes and odors make him sick, and that he can't eat certain foods without it hurting his stomach. His vocal cords are damaged from the fume tests, and he is never able to talk.

He's not allowed to leave his home, but he does anyway, his curiosity getting the better of him.

Favourite Sayings

(He doesn't talk)

Favourite food

Peanut Butter

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Image of Quinn E.
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