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Summary: A gothy Fallen Angel of Death working towards redemption


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Gender: Male

Age: ???? looks 21

Group: Demons


Fallen Angel of Death


Death Scythe: Can summon a black scythe from his energy to reap his victims.
Black Wings: Can hide his black wings till needed and fly with them.
Immortal: He is long lived and can't die by normal means, but he can feel pain.
Holy Light: Oddly enough he can still use Holy Light without damage even through he is a Fallen Angel. Holy light can heal non demons and hurt demons.
Summon Black Birds: Can summon a massive flock of blackbirds to attack a target or help him escape. They are not real and made of dark energy.
Combat: He is skilled in Melee and Fire Arm combat but can't remember how.


Vigilante - Rumored to be the Angel of Death to all criminals.
Redeemer - Trying to redeem himself by hunting evil.
Formerly from the Choir of Death Angels before being cast out for a sin he can't remember.

Physical Appearance

Looks like a gothic bum.
6'1" tall
Black Hair
Black Eyes

Personality and interests

He is a sad and depressed person who is tired of being alone. He likes people and wants to walk with them as he did in his past. Though his memory is fuzzy he remembers some good times with humans. Though he doesn't remember his original sin he does remember the guilt and the need to redeemed himself. His hobby is singing to himself since no one will listen to him.


AF was cast out of Heaven for committing a sin of betrayal but he can't remember what he did exactly. He knows it wasn't killing or something out of malice but he knows he did do wrong since he still feels his guilt. He has no memory of how long he wandered the earth but feels empty inside because if it. He is hoping to buy the stairway to heaven by protecting innocent humans from evil beings be they human or supernatural. He doesn't depend on others to help him since he can't explain why he is doing good despite being a Fallen Angel. He hopes one day he can gain forgiveness and return to heaven one day despite the centuries that went by already.

Mysterious woman from AF's past

Favourite Sayings

“It can't rain all the time.”
“We do not recognize our souls until they are in pain.”
“Sometimes I dream of sleepiness, sometimes I feel like I'm alive.”
“Death, like virtue, has its degrees.”
“Life is lousy with hurt but it also shimmers with beauty.”
“Tonight, hell sends an angel bearing gifts...”

Favourite food

Apples since they are somewhat forbidden and help him remember if only a bit.

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