She laughed and shrugged " work mostly...i sell my photography to magazine's or just high end Byers who thing having a blown up black and white of main street makes their cocktail room look classy.." she rolled her eyes " when I'm not doing that I'm here reading or out taking photos just for me."
That's when she heard it..the some one whispering to fast right behind her ear. Usually she blocked it out. But this time she listened just to see if there was anything important..she only caught pieces. Angles usually hid their plans better than demons.
doing it again....Nodia Alistair...close to humans...he never learns....sending some one...rectify
She looked at AF " did you hang around humans a lot before? " she asked..what ever was going on they clearly weren't happy he was with her.

AF looked at Nodia oddly as she asked an odd question out of the blue. He pondered it for a moment then replied.

AF: Not that I recall. To be honest I only remember one human female from my past and I barely remember her at all. To be honest I really do believe you are the only human I have had a long conversation with the possible exception of the mystery woman in my memory. Why do you ask?


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