Heads Up

She tapped her ear " one of my gifts...i can hear both sides...like whispers...or over hearing a conversation...they have been talking about you up stairs" she tilted her head and tried to hear more but couldn't catch anything. It just sounded to far.

AF looked at Nodia as she mentioned her special ability to him in a casual manner. He was not to surprised she was a supernatural human.

AF: Wow that sounds completely annoying. I'd hate to have a power like that. Who would want to hear the gossip on a bunch of supernaturals bickering or plotting something else. Of course on the bright side I do appreciate the warning though since now I know the other angels are watching me on purpose. Hopefully they limit it to just watching and don't send any assassins after me. Well I hate to be nosy but if you do hear anything about me, I won't get upset if you give me a heads up.


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