"Hello Sariel."

Now a lesser Angel has appeared, and one who has not spent a lot of time on Earth it seems. She is still arriving with the bells and whistles, that went out of fashion centuries ago. My better self-says that I should make a speedy exit away from these two before something bad happens, but I need more information about Sanguine first. Is he back in the mortal plane? Southampton is a memory burned into my mind. I have not slept well since that day, and when I do my mind is filled with the same nightmare.

"Sanguine is in this very city."

"That's impossible, he's a Greater Blood Demon, some powerful magicks are required to summon something like that. And I would know if someone was doing something that stupid."

"The rules have changed Ben, even petty dabblers in the arts like yourself can summon forces way beyond their comprehension. And Brighton is special, after all. Well, the convergence underneath it anyway."

Convergence? He is speaking of the magical leylines that run across the world. Where these cross and overlap, they form the ideal place for magic to be performed. These places are known as convergences. Some of the world's most famous works of fiction occur on top of a convergence. Brighton was one of these places. The place is known for being a bit different from the normal, and that is a side effect.

A Blood Demon is going to be tricky to take down. This is going to require some preparation, and I have no time to spare. Time to leave. I look back from my thoughts back to Sariel...who had already left, bloody Angels with their need for the dramatics.

Ignoring the female Angel who still quizzingly staring at me, I head out the building. I am not going to babysit a fresh Angel, maybe she will be useful and do something about those poor sods downstairs. I doubt it though, Angels are all the same. All moxie and no sustenance. Have no care for the little folk like me or them. They only deign to talk to us when it suits them. Always a hidden agenda.

The wind is cold. It is going to be a long night.

" are not getting away this time. Time to get my bloody soul back."

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