Nodia laughed lightly " I absolutely will....and its not so bad...I can usually turn it down so that its just back ground noise...but that's why they follow side or the other wanting to know what the other is up to" she looked at his finished plate and back. " still hungry? We can try that alfredo.

Jack nodded at Nodia as she offered something called alfredo. Granted he had no idea what it was he was interested in the offer. He felt it was a good time to learn from Nodia. He had no idea how long his days would remain peaceful and since he was being monitored by the Angels he figured he should take it easy with his actions. Last he could remember it was not a sin to eat food. He didn't plan to get to close to Nodia for her own safety but she was the first to accept him and talk to him besides that odd female cherub named Luna who approached him with curiosity. She claimed to be peaceful but that didn't mean her fellow angles would be when she mentioned him. Right now he was just hoping to figure out a few things before he had to move on. He knew it was dangerous to be in one place to long so he knew it would not be long before he returned to the church again.

Jack: I am sorry if I am out of line but do you have any friends, family or boyfriends who will be coming over? I would hate to make things awkward for you.


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