Nodia gave him a small smile...a touch of sadness pulling down the corners. " no one much wants to stay with some one who hears no i should say not" she padded to the kitchen to start the food.

AF saw Nodia looked sad when she spoke. He knew she too had her burdens to bear.

AF: I seriously doubt that. I mean I look like a dead mime with a broken mind and I am apparently in demand by some very twisted people and you are way better looking than I am. So don't sell yourself short just yet. As I was walking the streets I saw a lot of strange things and people. Did you know you humans have something called a fetish? From what I figure its when a group of people are serious into one main topic like wearing leather clothes or women in glasses. I was completely shocked to see such odd lifestyles so I figure there are people out there who think its cool to be connected to the supernatural and all. Granted I probably know less than your average person, but hey its a start right?

AF hoped he could at least get a giggle out of her since he was talking out his butt at this point.


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