A late night walk

Nathan kept walking, his hot breath rising as steam. He knew he was going the right way, he just wasn't quite sure how much farther he had to go.

It was freezing out, but he was fine in just a sweater and a hooded jacket. Sure, he was a little cold, but not nearly as cold as he should've been. It was a little annoying that his clothes were damp. He absently adjusted the straps of his backpack as he walked. They kept going loose, he figured he should just tie them.

The buildings around him were steadily getting more decrepit, and things were finally looking familiar. He only had one or two more blocks to go.

It was late, but he did occasionally pass people. Nothing stood out about them... until now. A man exited an abandoned building ahead of him, looking a bit angry. There was something about him that made Nathan feel a bit nervous.

He stopped. Someone came out of the building after him. It was unmistakably an angel... or at least someone dressed as one, but where could someone find cosplay that seemed to almost glow like that?

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