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Summary: We need more scavengers, even if we get enough, we still need more.

Trevy Bark

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Town Hired Scavengers




Leader of a scavenger group




He lives in one of the metal homes in Bourbon

Physical Appearance

He has a small mohawk, dark skin, and a few old scars on his face. His nose is large, and his eyes are brown. He has a muscular build and stands at over six feet.


He is cocky, but likes humor. He always tells a good joke. He is a natural born leader, but his overconfidence sometimes has bad results. His toughness and intelligence allows him to be a good leader.


Will be told during story

Other facts

He is currently hiring group members to join his scavenging parties.

Items Always Carried

He has a broken wristwatch and an old rubber ball.

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Image of Trevy Bark
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