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Summary: Beep Boop, I is a robot.


Owned by:

Gender: Robot

Age: Unknown

Group: Robots




Second in command to Trevy in his scavenger group.




Lives in the metal buildings of Bourbon

Physical Appearance

A rusted robot, with dents and scrapes from past war battles. His arms are slender, and appear less rusted from the rest of his body, showing recent reparirs. His metal is silver brown, and his eye holes glow a shade of green.


Loyal, always serves Trevy, but sometimes ends up being too lazy to do simple tasks, or he gives them to someone else. He is a good cook, and has stored knowledge of living in the wild. He is sometimes bland, and does not get humor.


Served in the ancient wars that brought forth this destroyed world.

Other facts

He is the second highest ranking in Trevys scavenger group.

Items Always Carried

Compass and a small pistol

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Image of Scraps
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