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Summary: Let's have a beer! Then we'll kill these bandits.

Lucian Frespit

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: Wanderers




Self proclaimed hoopla of the grand travel agency.(His own boss)


Takes whatever job he can find, dirty or clean.


If need be, has a basic tent.

Physical Appearance

A very gruff looking man, physically fit, though with a limp in his right leg. Scars litter his body from his various jobs. Although in his thirties, already had grey stealing into his short brown hair.


Has a light attitude for a man with his background. Is willing to share a drink with anyone, though he is happier if they buy. Doesn't care who's in charge, as long as he is payed.


He doesn't remember much himself, but he knows he has been in a lot of fights, shot a lot of people and drank a lot of alcohol.

Other facts

When alone, he is more sober and serious, very rarely showing this side to anyone.
Will always protect children.

Items Always Carried

A very big knife
His tent
Another big knife
His prize mutant lizard skull
Rifle and several pistols

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Image of Lucian Frespit
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