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Summary: I am the mayor, been the mayor for 45 years.

Mayor Monty (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 62

Group: High Ranking Citizens




Mayor of the city of Bourbon, and his people control most of the trade between the other towns.


Running Bourbon, and managing the trade in his town and between the other settlements.


He lives in the mayoral hall, which is a large building in the center of bourbon

Physical Appearance

Old, with white hair and wrinkly skin. He has medium length, straight hair, and has a bushy mustache and eyebrows. He is six feet tall and is a heavyset person.


Rude, and greedy. He is a good mayor, but is still cruel.


He is the son of a long line of mayors, although he himself has no son to take his place. (This is an opportunity for someone to obtain the mayorship.)

Other facts

None yet...

Items Always Carried

A notepad, and a handgun.

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Image of Mayor Monty (NPC)
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