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Summary: Scavenger NPC's, get your free Scavenger NPC! Available to all, For FREE!

Scavenger NPC

Owned by:

Gender: Male/Female

Age: Any

Group: Town Hired Scavengers




Basically the grunts of the scavenging groups, unless given a different rank.


Work for the scavenging groups.


Anywhere, they can live in a tent or a shack, house or a dumpster.

Physical Appearance

Based on how you describe them


Based on how you describe them. Some scavengers can be loyal companions, others can be backstabbers, liars, revolters, and usurpers to your group.


You can decide their history

Other facts

They will need to be paid, and that will need to be mentioned during some of your posts.

Items Always Carried

Some sort of gun
Special Item (Notepad, Ring, Etc...)

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Image of Scavenger NPC
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