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Summary: Mess with my family and I'll rip your throat out quicker than a prewar fox.

Will(Fox) Lian

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Town Hired Scavengers




Leader of his own group


Deciding where they scavenge at and talks to the mayor for them.


Has a room at the bar in exchange for his group staying in town and defending it.

Physical Appearance

Tall and lanky, is said under hushed tones that he is more monkey than man.
He has many scars from many fights, some being covered by tattoos.
His long hair is often tied in a ponytail.


Most of the time, Will is a level headed leader, he is an avid drug addict, leaving him erratic and paranoid the rest.


Born to other scavengers working I the town, he is a living testament of the twisting nature of the waste. After losing his parents in a bandit raid, he turned to drugs and in a depressed fit of rage, he killed his boss and took control of his gang.

Other facts

Even when on drugs, he will treat his gang as family, any who messes with them will bear the brunt of his rage.

Items Always Carried

Two knives once carried by his parents.
His favorite Winchester.
Water bag
A curious little box

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Image of Will(Fox) Lian
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