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Summary: Watch out, these mutants are, well, Mutated...

Mutant NPC

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Gender: Any

Age: Any

Group: Mutants


Mutated Human, or animals.


No Rankings within the mutants


Eating animals, and helping other mutants eat animals.


The wastelands, sewers, or ruined cities.

Physical Appearance

Ugly, deformed abominations


Crazy, and always hungry. They will kill anything, even chase squirrels and deer.


They were deformed when the nukes struck, by hunting and producing more mutants, they have spread their populations.

Other facts

They are weak to water, if you find a lake, or a pond, even splash water, they will fearfully stay a distance.

Items Always Carried

Sometimes carry daggers, and maybe a pistol.

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Image of Mutant NPC
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