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Summary: Hello good citizen, can I order a beer?


Gender: Addressed as male

Age: 362

Group: Robots




2nd grade Harvester Soldier


During the great wars, Theodore and others of his grade we're tested to be soldiers that could harvest/repair their armor, inner workings and weaponry.
Given enough supplies, could effectively live forever.


On the road.

Physical Appearance

Appears as a slim design/humanoid robot.
Many parts are different colors and materials, all from different circumstances.


Proper, polite, and to the point. Theodore is a no nonsense figure, which makes him come off as rude or awkward, his programming for social cues and context recognition are damaged.
He is usually alone, but will help towns that accept him and those he deems worth it.


When built, he was cutting edge technology, his grade laying waste to the opposition.
This brought on an arms race, bringing more advanced machines and weapons to combat them.
After the wars, many of tech made was lost to radiation or misuse, leaving Theodore and a few others as a reminder of a bygone age.

Other facts

Although still "sane" for an old robot, another fault in his programming causes a desire for alcohol, of course with no way to drink it.

Items Always Carried

A pack filled with various weaponry.
Guns, knives, and tools that he needs to repair.

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Image of Theodore
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