Image of The Prophet

Summary: Get the fuck away from me.

The Prophet

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Bandits




Leader of his gang


To rob, rape and kill anyone he wants


The Wastes

Physical Appearance

A foreboding man, he is massive from being born in the irradiated wastes.
His left hand is cut off, he shot it off himself in order to kill a mutant. The stump is now covered by a makeshift scythe.


Far from the religious type, the only thing he is close to preaching is the life of a bandit, filled with debauchery and paranoia.
A violent man, his only desire is to find a new broad to shag or someone's guts to spill. Anything he finds fun.


Born in the wastes, his mother died in childbirth, leaving the boy to be raised by his insane father.
A bandit leader, his father was paranoid and drugged most of the time, leading to a very brutal childhood.
After proving his father's suspicions right and killing him, he took control of the gang and declared that the world was their oyster and they were going to f$&#k it good.
(To the drugged members of his gang, they saw him as a prophet, leading to his moniker)

Other facts

His favorite pet(war beast) was a mutant cat named Skull.
He likes it when women compliment his blade.

Items Always Carried

Many. Many knives
A whip
A belt of... Personal Properties from those trying to steal his women.
Water sack

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Image of The Prophet
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