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Summary: Stay far away from them


Gender: Male and Female

Age: Varies

Group: Mutants


Varies mutated species




Often act as a "shepherd" or alpha to mutants


Isolated areas with high levels of radiation

Physical Appearance

Trolls appear as massive behemoths that wander the deserts and wastes, feeding off of nuclear material and radiation. As they absorb the toxic stuff, many grow different physical attributes(Heavy scales, shells, spikes, etc) from one another, leading to drastic differences in specimens.


Preferring a life of solidarity, they seek out the isolated radioactive oasis they feed from. sometimes a group of mutants will form around a Troll, getting protection and radiation from the hulking creature, all while unnoticed by their ally. When confronted, will turn vicious and very deadly, though attacks vary from Troll to Troll.


After the Great Wars, many areas of the world were left permanently irradiated, nuclear waste and fallout soaking into the ground. Some mutants lay dormant in these areas for decades, mutating further until they no longer resembled their original species. Many have awoken from their slumber, wandering the wastes in search of new sources of radiation.

Other facts

Their hides are incredibly tough, many able to simply cover their heads and huddle to the ground during radiation storms.
Many traders and settlers wandering the wastes have found small caves in the sand and dust, only to find that it is the corpse of a dead Troll, buried underground.

Items Always Carried

Whatever will stick to its skin

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