The Raid pt:1

The Prophet sat in the dirt and sand, working on his prized dune buggy. He didn't know or care what engine it had or any other specifics. He cared about what the vehicle could do to people.
The front sported a menagerie of blades and spikes, leaving a small window of sight, which suited him just fine. He would rather see a body impaled on his rig rather than the road ahead of him.
A man walked cautiously from behind, not wanting to startle the hulking brute.
"What is it?"
The man stopped suddenly, becoming startled himself.
"S-sorry sir, the men are getting restless. It's been two days since we have raided a town."
Grunting at the news, Prophet knew what the men were feeling. He had begun to feel the itch as soon as the fires of the last town had died. He needed to move to the next.
He stood from his rig, pushing the man aside as he walked towards the group of bandits lounging lazily.
"WAKE UP! I have allowed you lot to lay around long enough. We need more food, more water and more whores, and it looks like i'm the one that needs to remind you all of that."
The men rose at their bosses voice, more motivated by his presence than his words.

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