The Raid pt:2

Mousse's Garage
Lucian had watched Ash with a mix of concern and interest. The man could take a hit, he had seen many men crumble into babies over lesser scratches. He personally had taken his fair share of hits.
He was leaning against a post as he watched the machine roar to life, feeling an odd sense of awe creep into him. He didn't know how old the rig was, but he knew it had seen its fair share of the world. Daydreaming, he looked off into the waste around them, trying to imagine what it was like before. He could see the green fields and lush forests, hear the birdsong and the chatter of life.
Breathing deep, he was struck from his dreams as he inhaled a gust of dirt and sand.
Coughing profusely, he looked out again, this time seeing a cloud forming on the horizon.
"Hey fellas, storm is rolling in!"
Trying not to sound too urgent, he still didn't like the thought of stumbling for shelter in a blistering dust bowl.
The conditions of the day make it very unlikely to create a dust storm sir.
Lucian jumped, swinging a hard right hook into the metal chest of Theodore.
"Waste bless it you damn robot," His hand now throbbed and he was certain a few fingers had been rebroken,"Don't ever sneak up on a man, especially not if we are to be partners."
I will catalogue your suggestion Lucian sir.
" Thanks? Now what were you on about?"
The robot walked into the sunlight.
The conditions of the day make it very unlikely to create a dust storm sir.
This made the sobering drunk scratch his head. Very few things caused this large a cloud.
Wind. Mutant swarm. Raiders. Explosions. Large carava-
Will was shoved forward suddenly, breaking his own thoughts and setting off his fight or flight. He nearly dug his knife into Lucians throat before he saw the panic in the mans eyes.
"Frespit, haven't seen you with that look since I threatened to shoot your dick off."
The man didn't even register the joke,"We got raiders comin' in. It looks like a big crew with some nasty fast rigs."
Will felt his guts nearly fall out of his ass. He had thought he had more time, way more time.
"FUCK! Go warn the townsfolk, I need to gather my crew and get the guard ready."
With that both men ran from the garage, already forgetting the others in thier panic.
Theodore looked from the sprinting men to the ones at the rig.
It would appear that I am to get my orders from you all then?

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