A Raiders Past

"In through this door." Ordered the armed guard.
Rory complied, and entered the room. The stench of stale cologne, and an even staler old man wafted across his nose. He ignored the smell, and sat down across an old man.

"What do you want with me?" Asked Rory.

"Sources determine that you seem to know about the Prophet, he seems to be heading this way. Can you tell me anything you know?" Replied Mayor Monty.

"Back in the old days, I worked as a second in command for him, keeping the other bandits in check. Soon enough I wanted to escape the increasingly risky life, maybe I was a coward, maybe I was smart. So on one raid, I went after a few guards on the rooftops, and took them out. But suddenly I was struck in the back with a few bullets, and tumbled into the alleyway, with the Prophet watching me fall. I grabbed the side of a building and slid down. When I landed I started a small fire and placed the corpse of a guard in my place of where I would have landed. I ditched the town as it burnt to a crisp. I have never turned back and don't regret it." Answered Rory.

Monty nodded at the answer, and countered.
"Do you know if the prophet had any weaknesses?"

"Not that I know of, either pump him with bullets, or surrender the town. He is mighty and a fearsome foe." Answered Rory.

"He better have a weakness, because you will need to find it for us."

Rory nodded, and abruptly left. He walked down the pathway, until he reached a Pink Smoke, and entered.
He took a seat near the dance area, and watched as an angelic woman walked towards the pole. She spun and twirled, back and forth, around the pole. Rory threw a couple coins down, and smiled at her.
She acknowledged his coinage, and strutted her way over to him.
He was about to make possibly flirt with the wonderous Carmen the Dancer, but then he heard the words.

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