How Odd

Izzy examined the man with interest, mostly his hands doused in blood like her own. What had he gotten into? Something interesting indeed.

Spotting the weapon on his belt she could picture it just by shape. She hadn't seen a finer blade since she was at her old home.

"You're one of them Trevy was gathering I presume?"

"What makes you say that?" The man said resting a hand at his waist, his eyes glanced down to her bloody basket but back up quickly.

"You're not from Bourbon. I get a pretty good view and I've never seen you. Outsiders don't stick to this place just for fun," the red head paused and thought back to her first few weeks in the town, laughing suddenly, "Guess I stuck around." She stood from her crouched position, lazily wiping hands on her pants before holding one out in greeting. "Izzy," she spoke with a cheeky smile that crinkled her bandage.

"Ash McArther, The Ash McArther," he said and accepted her hand without a second thought. "And no, outsiders don't stick to this steaming shit-hole just for fun. Too many laws against... well, too many laws."

She giggled at that and for some reason it almost made him want to smile, too. He glanced down at her basket of guts again. There were bits of bone, pieces of shrapnel, and what might have been an eviscerated liver.

"So... whatcha cooking?" he asked.

"Oh, nothin' most folks would be interested in," she replied.

"I ain't most folks," he said.

This is a man who's worth talking to, Izzy thought. "Well, you're something alright. I'm testing out new trap designs and even some lures that'll hopefully catch us something good, though most the good stuff is lost to the wastes. It's crazy isn't it? Just how close we are to actual extinction? Lack of water and a little less food... blistering heat adds the cherry on top of the ultimate shit sundae. Blows but I'm gonna make the best of it," she shrugged with an oddly positive grin. The organs she had in possession were beginning to smell rather rancid. She bent down suddenly to put a jagged looking stone into the basket. Izzy examined it as she talked.

Ash scoffed at her optimism but she didn't seem to notice.

"What do you expect to find out there, anyway? I haven't been to a lost city in what seems like ages, nevermind had to get rid of any of those creatures."

"Yeah, well I bet we're gonna see a hell of a lot of 'em. As for what I expect to find... fortune and glory! Well, that or misery and death," he said.

"No kidding," she plopped it into her basket after a moment, "If you by any chance find ones with fur or scales, claws-- anything useful really --I'd appreciate if you brought me some. I can make some damn good gear in return."

"I'll keep that in mind. And if you should happen to find yourself in need of any special-," suddenly a loud and familiar voice cut him off.

"McArther! What the hell? I sent Scraps to get everyone else. Figured at least you could show up on time," Trevy yelled angrily, walking up the road toward him.

Ash resisted the urge to bare his k-9s.

"Yeah, uh... sorry. I was busy making a new friend," he said instead.

He flashed Izzy an apologetic look, "That's my cue, Sally- err, Izzy."

She smiled at him shyly, crinkling that bandage again. It was obvious that she didn't get this kind of attention often.

"See you when you get back," she said and turned to head off toward her workshop. "Try not to die. I could use those materials."

(Joint Post with Drake)

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