Will sat in a daze, the drugs working through his system and clearing his ailments.
"So, how long you been a junky?"
Hooded eyes focused on Lucian.
"It's tough you know? No parents, having to be tough all the time, the shit hole of a town I call home."
Lucian sat next to Will, enjoying the conversation.
"You need help after a while, this is easier than giving gossip to the local hooker.... and by the Wastes does it feel great!"
As Will lay back to continue his high, Lucian hopped up and examined the troll.
Its mouth hung agape, a rotting stench already filling the air. Holding back the feeling to dry heave, he grabbed hold of the larger teeth and began slicing with his knife.
"You, little beauty, will make a wonderful memento."
Sir, the others have been found and alerted, I suggest returning to the rig to meet them.
"Alright partner, give me one moment to work this free."
Looking between the rotting beast and Lucian, Theodore calmly took hold of the tooth and pulled it free with a sickening rip. Lucian looked at Theo in surprise as he was handed his prize.
"You just keep getting better and better."

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