OOC - Activity Update

Hey guys, Caribou here.

As you can probably see we've lost two members, one of which was a key player with Ash. I can only blame inactivity. But I assure you, this game is still active and we aren't abandoning ship.

WritingBug has been very busy with life outside OW, and hasn't been able to keep up with frequent posting. I, however, have a bit more time (just barely). I'm here to address that until he gets more chances to write I'll be taking over as moderator. Please be as kind and understanding to him as you always have been.

Now, this is just temporary. Currently I'm talking behind the scenes about the direction of the game, etc, that I will need to properly move things along. I ask that you give this game another chance and I hope you'll wait out this journey with me. See you in the wastes...

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