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Summary: The smuggler, the pilot, the leader, and the unknown catalyst

Joh Spivak

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Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: Bantha Crew




Smuggler, Force Sensitive



Physical Appearance

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180lbs
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Blue/Grey

Joh is mostly a medium build, but does have some muscle mass from working hard labor most of his life. He keeps up with workouts and helping out in many physical ways, even if given supervisory roles. As the captain of the Bantha, he continues in this fashion.

He has long, dark blonde hair and rarely shaves his facial hair which shows up as a goatee and grizzly cheeks.

His face is typically stern and stolid looking, as is his posture. This is reflective of his no-nonsense attitude.

Personality and interests

Joh is a serious fellow, although he can kick back and joke when not on the job. But when there is work to be done, it gets done. He doesn't like slacking or lazing around, and is always doing something. This may mean tinkering with gadgets or looking through the holonet news or galactic map artifacts. The more knowledge the better, he always says.

Spivak is a fairly decent device/mechanical/technology hack, and a good pilot. He can be a good leader in stressful situations as well.

Joh is not the best in combat, other than some melee skills from guard duty (wrestling, arm bars, holds, choke-outs, and other defense and subjugation related arts). He is a fairly decent slicer as well, and knows his way around most centralized computer and security systems.

Joh can often get buried in details - on a mission or even in the heat of a battle/fight - and lose track of his surroundings. It's best if he is either let to finish his train of thought, or smacked around a bit to be made aware of the goings-on.

Joh loves maps and loves artifacts. He has several paper maps from local systems, and a wide array of holoprojection galactic maps. Some even from the old Empire and Rebellion. He also has a small cylinder made of an unknown crystal substance (it is not a precious gem or what would be called a Kyber crystal), as well as a few older military badges from the Old Republic days.

Basic History

**Early History**
Joh was born to two loving parents on Coruscant, who were involved in the republic and even the rebellion political movements. The Spivak family tried to get Joh into several higher-end educational institutions, but Joh's admittance was refused, and never got that top-notch education his parents desired for him.

Joh would end up leaving home as a young teenager, never quite sure what his parents had in mind for him other than sheltering him and trying to keep him at bay. Too much, even. And as soon as he had a few credits saved, and the technical and social know-how, he was gone. To the outer rim and western reaches he went. He didn't leave with resentment or anger, just confusion. To this day he does not know the status of his parents.

Joh would fill the needs of various transports by hefting cargo, working on technical gear and slicing programs, or merely playing guard duty. He was a jack-of-all-trades in many ways, having a knack for learning things quite quickly. And this knowledge and experience, some 20 years later, would earn him a chance at his own ship and crew.

**Professional History**
The jobs he had taken over the years were mostly on the up-and-up, landing him usually in the outer rim, and occasionally the western reaches and even the mid rim. But one particular delivery job took him to a place called Rogue Moon. This was a habitable moon in an unnamed system basically in the middle of nowhere. However, it was conveniently placed where traders and smugglers alike could easily stop and rest. And this was cause for both problems and opportunity.

Joh found the needs of this system - its core inhabitants and workers - interesting. He found that he could do a lot of work AND a lot of good by working mostly out of Rogue Moon. And while he was not the best of breed when it came to do-gooders, he wanted to do what was right. And now he could.

Jobs on Rogue Moon - on the planet (moon) or starting and ending therein - were typically for the benefit of the people. And that was where Joh began to find his niche. If he could help the people of Rogue Moon and earn money, all the more power to him for it.

Now the Bantha, as she was called, was bought in a shady deal from a former employer of Joh's. He triple checked her ownership and found no traces of fowl play. She was slow, broken, and ugly. But he would take her, rebuild her, and seek out a crew.

Equipment and Loadout

Joh wears padded armor clothing, mostly on the torso and legs, reinforced boots, a series of straps that connect to his belt for plenty of storage, a small blaster pistol, a vibrodagger, and a leather synth-enforced overcoat which has a hood (the overcoat has some basic all-weather protections as well). He also carries a datapad and a slicer kit.


Basic, Comprehend Shyriiwook, Comprehend/Read Huttese

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