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Summary: The brains, the brawn, and the best damn second in command you can ask for


Gender: Male

Age: 40

Group: Disabled




Pilot, Soldier



Physical Appearance

Height: 6'3
Weight: 240 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red

An imposing physical figure, Thragan has maintained his muscular build from his military days. Although age may be beginning to show on his face, the Chiss' lack of emotional expression has kept him relatively wrinkle free.

Personality and interests

Although the Chiss may be characterized for their lack of emotions, Thragin is not incapable of showing feelings, its just that it doesn't come naturally to him. As a Chiss, he works within the bounds of a given situation to find the most optimal solution, and this often limits his emotional range in any given situation. But being away from the homeworld and the military life of the Chiss has changed him somewhat. More expressive than usual, Thragin is quite fond of his more personable characteristics.

While he is still obsessed with learning the latest of military history, technology, tactics, and any engineering facts he can get his hands on, he has also taken up cooking and baking during his time off.

He enjoyed the rigidity of military lifestyle, and is more than likely to enforce the chain of command over anything else, making him a perfect second in command. When in charge, he expects complete competence but will often offer solutions that place himself in the thick of the fighting rather than risking those in his charge.

Basic History

Full Name: Mitth'raga'nuruodo

Born on the Chiss homeworld, Mitth'raga'nuruodo, better known now by his core name of Thragan was expected from a young age to bring military and political glory to his noble house. While his training went extremely well, with Thragan showing signs of a great tactical mind and a fantastic understanding for technology, his interest in the worlds beyond the Chiss' systems was consistently reprimanded. Upon graduation, he joined with the Chiss Expantionary Defense Force and was noted several times for his diligence and leadership among his troop.

When several officers began working alongside the Empire, Thragan went with them, eager to see the galaxy beyond the Chiss' sphere. He was again noted for his hard work and bravery in several campaigns, but the cruelty of the Empire against those they conquered began to wear on Thragan, and he avoids speaking of his time in their service whenever possible. When the Rebellion came to his attention, he began biding his time to when it would make the most sense to switch. Unfortunately this time never came, and as the Empire began to fade, the failure of the Chiss' volunteers in achieving victory made the return difficult for many.

Rather than return home and face the fury of his family for his failures, Thragan began wandering the galaxy aimlessly as a mercenary. These travels eventually brought him to Rogue Moon. This is where he met Joh Spivak, and the pair began working a few jobs together. While Thragan has great respect for what Joh does, he has no qualms with bringing many of his decisions into question.

Equipment and Loadout

Throgan still wears his full body CEDF armor, although it is beginning to show its age. He carries a Z-6 rotary blast cannon on his back, connected to a large sling, as well as a Sonn-Blas F-11d blaster rifle at his side and a Charric pistol hidden away for very special occasions. A few thermal detonators and some other service equipment complete his personal walking armory. A HUD overlay installed behind his ear is one of the few gifts he retains from the Empire.

In regards to clothing, most of his gear is pilot equipment, military grade, and kept in pristine condition. A ragged cloth cloak is all that keeps most of his gear hidden when on Rogue Moon, although Thragan typically only leaves the ship with what he believes he will require.


Cheunh, Sy Bisti, Minnisisat, Basic


"I managed to complete the simulated scenario with 56 rounds, but I believe that I might be able to bring that down to 45 with better timing."

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