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Summary: A danger to all computer systems.

Brulod Chec

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Gender: Male

Age: 29

Group: Bantha Crew


Human, Mandolorian





Physical Appearance

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Deep Blue

Medium frame build with muscle definition. Maintains an Emotion Neutral look at all times.

Personality and interests

Brulod is very intelligent and while engaged in conversation, one might think he lacks attention. In fact, he is listening to the conversation but, he is always observing the electronics around him. Access panels, cameras, scanners, etc, etc... Brulod has trained himself to always remain calm and think things out, very rarely panics. He studies all new and old technology he can find and is always looking to improve his skills. Besides computers, he trains daily for physical combat wither working out or going through the moves of combat. His weapons skills are average at best and just has limited interest in improving them.

Basic History

Brulod grew up in a big family and was the youngest, brightest and most picked on. From an early age his interest in computers and finding different ways to access them sparked an obsession that to this day hasn't been fulfilled. His studies and intelligence granted him access to the finest schools on the planet and by 23 had graduated with high honors from the Mandalorian University of Scientific Discovery.

As with tradition, he was taught to honor and respect his opponent in single combat. With his being bullied by larger boys, he learned quickly to defend himself and continued to improve on his physical abilities. His father tried his best to teach him marksman skills however, he just never really picked up on the ability.

Just after reaching 24, Brulod found himself helping an individual access a remote computer access panel which brought the individual a large sum of money which he shared. Realizing how much he could make from freelancing, he left his home and set out to make a name for himself within the slicer community.

Other than computers and physical training, he enjoys trying new and different foods and drink and learning new languages.

Equipment and Loadout

2 hold out blasters
Modified Datapad with computer spike terminals
Slicer gear
False Voice transmitter
Data Breakers
FingerPrint Masque
Signature Eraser
Both short and long range comm link

Almost always wears plain average looking clothing with many hidden pockets to hide his gear and almost always wears a long trench coat.


Galactic Basic, Mando'a. Understands some Shyriiwook.


"There isn't a computer challenge I won't take on."

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Image of Brulod Chec
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