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Summary: I'm not naive, you're just being cynical and paranoid.

Arme' Natala

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Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: Bantha Crew







Physical Appearance

Armé has brown hair, brown eyes, is fairly short, and about average weight.

Personality and interests

Armé is a bleeding heart liberal who would like to see evildoers put in their place, peacefully if possible. She thinks the Empire was wicked and she is not much of a fan of the barbaric, and conservative First Order.

She was raised with a silver spoon and is not very familiar with hardship.

Basic History

Armé was born to a wealthy and influential family in the a few years after the fall of the Empire. She went to a nice school and studied to become a politician, where she did well enough to make a name for self, but not well enough to get elected as Queen (she ran but wasn't a popular candidate).

Armé managed to aquire a cushy job as an aide for Thadlé Berenko, who at the time was an influential advisor to the Queen. She then accompanied Thadlé when the later was elected as Naboo's Senator to the New Republic.

Armé become one of Thadlé's most trusted assistant's, so when the Senator learned of the true strength of the First Order's military, Armé was sent to secretely deliver the information to the Queen of Naboo in person. Unfortunately, the pilot somehow plugged the incorrect coordinates in, resulting in there ship arriving at Rogue Moon instead of their intended destination, Naboo. Ah well, just an unnecessary, tedious and slightly expensive pit stop, right?

Equipment and Loadout

A fashionable Naboo outfit, a credit chip, and a datapad with top secret information contained within it.


Basic, Hosnian, Nakadian, and Gungan.


"Why does everyone in this galaxy seem to worship violence? Surely we don't need to reach for a blaster to solve all of our problems."

"Those First Order cretins can't seem to get their heads out of their arses enough to see that the Empire was a humanitarian catastrophe that didn't benefit our galaxy in the slightest."

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Image of Arme' Natala
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