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Summary: You can run, but you'll just die tired

Safira Halcase

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Disabled




Bounty Hunter



Physical Appearance

Safira has short blue-black hair, blue eyes, and a lithe, rangy body with the long neck and limbs of a ballerina.

Personality and interests

She was raised on Tantoonie by a powerful crime lord in the Red Key syndicate. On the streets of Mos Eisley she became good at lying and backstabbing others who would not hesitate to do the same to her. Like her ruthless father, she is not famous for her patience and tends to eliminate her targets with swift efficiency rather than toy with them.

Basic History

Safira learned the ins and outs of being a criminal and made something of a name for herself in her father's organization, The Red Key Raiders, up until he was killed during a sting operation by New Republic Security forces. The gang rapidly disintegrated after that. Because she did not want to risk working for a rival gang that tended to hold long grudges, she decided to use her knowledge of the criminal underworld and combat skills to make a living killing off and capturing many of her former associates and rivals. Although she usually worked on behalf of the New Republic, she didn't much care for them due to their role in her father's death, and so when the First Order offered her lucrative contracts to take out some New Republic targets, she was happy to take them up on the offer.

Equipment and Loadout

Safira wears a gray leather jumpsuit, steel forearm bracers, reinforced combat boots, a tan cloak, and a protective helmet that covers her face. She is armed with a scoped blaster rifle, a vintage DC-17 blaster pistol taken from her father's extensive gun collection, and a smaller hold out blaster concealed in her right boot. Her left-hand bracer possesses a vibro-blade extension for close-in combat, and her Blas-Tech Industries manufactured rifle is capable of being fit with various muzzle attachments, including one that fires grenades, which she used to destroy Armé Natala's docked vessel.


Galactic Standard, Bocce, Huttese, Outer Rim Basic


It's like shooting womp rats in a barrel!

(This character was largely created by Nim who asked me to join the game)

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Image of Safira Halcase
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