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Summary: Throw your garbage in, and no worries, Gunk will compact it in no time.


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Gender: Male

Age: Recently Built

Group: Disabled


Refurbished Gonk Droid


Cheap Labor, Winston's best friend.


Baron VIII

Physical Appearance

Rectangular shaped, and shiny black metal. Similar to other Gonk Droids

Personality and interests

Down in the dumps, droopy, and depressing. Even still he is a good friend, and will always stick to Winston side, when the times get tough.

Basic History

Built and Refurbished on Baron VIII, to be shipped to the Bantha

Equipment and Loadout

Internal garbage compactors, the factory built him to be a mobile garbage bin.


Has an internal translator that allows him to communicate through any language.


"Why do I have to carry their garbage?"
"Winston, stop leaving your trash on the floor! how am I supposed to clean that up?"

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Image of Gunk
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