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Summary: If he didn't want me to take it he should have held onto it with both hands.

J'nali Anubel

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Bantha Crew




Scoundrel (Chaotic Neutral)



Physical Appearance

Long dark hair
gray-green almond shaped eyes
5’5” 116 lbs

J'nali has an hourglass figure and a sultry walk that she's been culturing most of her life. She shamelessly uses her physical appearance to ease the path towards getting what she wants.

Personality and interests

She is a notorious flirt, consummate con artist, natural negotiator, polished drinker, skilled gambler, and an undeniable opportunist. She checks herself just this side of the line from being an out-and-out insurgent. When you need to find her, look no further than the bar.

She is not particularly adept with flight controls, computer systems or firearms, but she handles people well under circumstances ranging from close quarters melee combat to trade negotiations to entertaining boisterous crowds.

J’nali definitely flies by the seat of her pants.

Basic History

Her early years did not contain the precursors to an exciting life. They were by no means the stuff of legends. She received a basic education and was impassioned by the underground call to fight back against the Empire, but any hard skills she now possessed came from combat then later contention outside of The Rebellion’s cause.

She served in The Rebellion for six years and picked up useful skills including that of a field medic. She’s had some additional medical training since then, but she’s no doctor. Her lungs were damaged beyond repair during what would become her final mission with the Rebellion. The artificial replacement lungs and expense of such a surgical procedure were benignly covered by an interested party of the male variety who may or may not have been under the impression that she’d accepted his offer for betrothal. She most certainly had not. She fled that trap almost as soon as the incision was closed. The lungs afford her the ability to comfortably breath in a slightly less oxygen rich atmosphere and filter out certain gases.

She ended up in a place called Rogue Moon the same as most; it wasn't on purpose, it just happened. Being here was better than being somewhere else for one reason or another.

Equipment and Loadout

She goes out of her way to avoid taking a life and relies on her trusty Electro-baton to sort out most threats. Her stolen bracers are made of Phrik alloy and refuted to withstand direct strike from a lightsaber, but she has never put it to the test and thankful for it. She also gears up with a set of Magnetic Binders, EC-17 Hold-out Blaster for emergencies and a relaxed set of clothes designed to make the men uptight.


Galactic Standard, Huttese


"I never struggle to keep track of my moral code for long."

“I value flexible relationships with romantic partners more than the next girl, but even I won't mess with the Hutts.”

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Image of J'nali Anubel
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