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Summary: A lean gungan with a spacesuit jumpsuit and shifty eyes, eying the group up and down from afar

Skiskiy swifttongue

Gender: Make

Age: 34 galactic cycles

Group: Disabled




Smuggler sharpshooter



Physical Appearance

Skinny gungan, with long whiskers and bushy eyebrows. Athletic build, shifty eyes, with a form of jumpsuit from a spacesuit, with crinkling around the arms and neck to adjust, without the helmet of course, with two yellow stripes horizontally on the left side

Personality and interests

He has a rather collected personality, constantly casing the place. He is highly interested in cuisine, often stopping to sample it. It’s even become an issue in past missions, where he would stop and get ensnared by a piece of food and momentarily forget the con

Basic History

He’s run on world smuggling rings in Naboo, going off world briefly at times but as of now he is caught between the guard and dissatisfied customers so he is hastily looking to get off world by any means necessary

Equipment and Loadout

Semi auto dmr laser rifle in a case, quick draw pistol on the hip, spacesuit on and helmet in storage with rifle. Canteen, food stores, and some basic repair/essentials in his pack and a canister at the back of the suit that is pressurized and used for storage of items no more than 2-3 fists big.


Gungan, galactic standard and a bit of tuskan


When in doubt change the subject

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Image of Skiskiy swifttongue
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