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Summary: A nerd out to discover the real world.

Talic Danto

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Disabled




Noble, Healer



Physical Appearance

Talic is a handsome young man. He has red hair that is shoulder length with bright green eyes. He wears brown pants and jacket with a white shirt with leather boots that come to his knee. He tends to carry to leather bags, the first contains his library in digital format and the second contains tools for experimenting and working on things. He wears a black stole of his social rank and a white cord of a healer.

Personality and interests

All of the universe is a stage…

Talic like many young nobles was drawn in many different directions. But he has two dangerous traits: curiosity and determination.

As a boy he was interested in performing. He was schooled in entertaining people with gymnastics and tumbling and acting and music. He would put on plays and make up songs to entertain the staff.

As he grew, he found that he received much better attention from his parents by performing well in school. He made it through his post secondary education and has spent years enjoying the halls of learning, as well as the co-eds.

Talic like many young nobles had a hard time figuring out what he wanted to do with his life. He started in Engineering, Droids came next which he enjoyed, then biology and medicine. It was there that where he found himself.

In terms of his vices, Talic likes to gamble. Though when he wins something always seems to be off, he attributes this to karma. He once won a shuttle in a card game, to find out that his had cattle running lose in it.

As most of his knowledge is theoretical, he is trying to gain real life experience. He likes to work on to something till he masters it then move on to something new.

Talic has connections, family connections through his noble upbringing, educational connections through his academic years, and patient connections – people and families he has helped.

Talic prefers to be the man behind the throne than on the throne, he doesn’t like to negotiate jobs but he would set up his contacts to set up a meeting.

Basic History

Sitting in a tree house Talic’s older brother taunts him, “I bet you can’t walk across the rope to the other tree.” Talic tried he fell of course and ended up breaking an arm. Every day Talic would work at trying to tightrope walk starting close to the ground. He read books to learn what he could and by the time he started school he could walk the rope, turn, jump, and sit down on it. All because he wanted to prove to his older brother he could do it. That is the way that Talic grew up, trying to outdo his brother. Being older his brother seemed always to be a step ahead.

His parents were well off two noble families, so Talic and his brother always had the best of things. His brother was the smart, charismatic, athletic one. Talic was more to of the quiet adventurous type. He built a working crossbow when he was in the second grade and took everything mechanical part that he could to see how it worked.

Due to his nature, he spent a lot of time doctoring. This is where his love of healing came from. One physician spent the time to explain the how and why bones and skin mend. It took him a lot of wandering through academic halls to finally understand that.

When his parents died, Talic’s brother took over the family business and Talic found himself endowed at the university. His brother calls it playing while he works.

Equipment and Loadout

Talic has three droids that tend to him. A personal assistant droid which acts as a butler and secritary (maybe 3poish), a medical assistant droid, and a worker droid to haul his things (he is a noble).

His library and tools.
A blaster
And a knife.


A few languages


Don’t tell me I can’t do something. If it is physically possible I’ll figure it out.

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