This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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This game is currently closed and remains here purely for posterity. Thank you to all who made it a mild success for the time it was open!

Peace reigns, but with a fragile foundation. The new Republic and what is left of the Galactic Empire are in a tenuous relationship, with ceasefires and treaties barely holding everything together.

What many won't acknowledge is that in the edges of the galaxy, darkness looms in the form of the First Order. This threat, gone unchecked, could lead to similar evils witnessed with the Empire.

Meanwhile, a small group of wanderers seek to bring some semblance of peace to their local system, not knowing how close the broader galactic dangers are to them..


The premise of SWRM is to give a place for people to write a character during the events of the new trilogy in the Skywalker Saga. We are right around the time of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, and our characters will find themselves, eventually, right in the heat of the galactic goings-on.

We will start humbly with a small trading ship. But as mentioned, we will be brought in to the bigger story. As we begin, we develop our characters and their relationships and make some key moral and life-dependent decisions.

Our fate is in our own collective hands!


Characters are not Jedi or Sith or super storm troopers in this game. We are all a band of smugglers, slicers, maybe nobles, pilots, etc, who want to earn a living and maybe make a difference. And not all of us will be the nicest of kin. Here is a writeup of some of the classes your character might be (most people will use one of these as their primary classes to focus on).

Pilot: The pilots are self-explanatory, but they are the folks who fly ships and shuttles and fighters, and also make repairs to vessels in many cases. They are fond of droids and technology secondarily. A few example skills would be piloting, mechanics, and slicing.

Soldier: The guns and the muscle, these folks are heavily armed, heavy armored, or both. And they are highly versed in many weapon technologies as well as battle tactics. Some key skills are raw strength and/or agility and tactical knowledge.

Smuggler: Smugglers, pirates, scoundrels, bounty hunters, and traders... oh my! These multi-talented folk run the gamut of skills and abilities, and they are your go-to folks. Their key skills can be almost anything, but deception, perception, and various knowledge skills would be up there.

Slicer: Computers, ship systems, and datapads fear the slicer, as they can get into a lot of systems with little effort. They are your computer and technology and research experts, focusing in skills such as slicing, mechanics, and various knowledge areas.

Noble: If someone is of true nobility, or perhaps active in the political arena, they are considered a noble. They typically have a lot of wealth and connections throughout the galaxy. They are especially skilled at perception and deception, as well as leadership.

Force Sensitive: While rare in the galaxy these days, those highly tuned to the Force exist. They are not typically Jedi or Sith, especially after the Jedi massacre and the end of the Empire (respectively), but their affinity with the Force may manifest in other ways than simply doing Force-sensitive actions, such as amplifying other abilities.

Skills Matrix
This is an Out-of-Character listing of skills most used by active characters. We can easily see the balance of our crew as well as determine what someone might be good at at a quick glance.

* Acrobatics:
* Deception: Arme
* Dexterity: Crystal
* Endurance/Survival: Crystal
* Gather Information: Spivak
* Knowledge (areas): Arme (Politics, Galactic Lore, Planets and Species), Brulod (Computers, Crypto), Spivak (Trade, Negotiations)
* Mechanics: Brulod
* Perception: Spivak
* Persuasion: Arme
* Pilot/Ride:
* Stealth:
* Strength: Brulod
* Treat Injury:
* Use Device: Brulod
* Use Force (abilities): Crystal (link with Snowflake), Spivak (unknown)

The Bantha

Here you can see our modified Ghtroc trading ship. Old, beat up, slow as a mule, but hearty and ours (well, Joh's). And the paperwork should be clean. There are some differences, though, from a normal Ghtroc vessel.

* First, escape pod #20 is more of a shuttle-type vehicle. Not quite as versatile as the Ghost and Phantom from Rebels, but a basic landing ship for separate missions. It does not have a hyperdrive, so only orbital or atmospheric.
* Second, the repair area (16) is in the front near #10, with doors to the cargo bays handy.
* Third, the lounge is back where #16 is, and is much larger. So there are a couple lounge seats, a small kitchenette, and the computer console.
* Last, the bunk rooms (8) have two less bunks and instead have one storage cabinet each and one desk each.

This makes the Bantha a better-suited long-run vessel. She's still slow and not very powerful, but she's comfortable.

Galactic Map

While some of these systems will have been destroyed in the opening of our story, they can still serve as reference points. We can add to the list of systems here for items that are removed/added from the moves (e.g., Hosnian would shortly be destroyed in our story).

Rough Timeline

While we are a bit past the battle of Starkiller Base, this will give you a good idea of where we are in the Saga history.

Star Wars Alignment

In case you wish to add an Alignment a la D&D roleplaying games, you can use this chart. You can add this somewhere in the Personality section. It will just add flavor to your character for others to reference.