A New Home

No response. The crew waited for another minute. Still no response. The captain finally gave up and was about to send another message when.

"Thank you for the gesture. Hook onto out loading bay and drop off the droids."

The captain smiled, and pointed his hand at the Bantha, which caused the ship to start moving that direction.

Winston felt a sudden jolt, that shook the ship and knocked Gunk over. Winston went over to his friend and helped to lft him up onto his feet. Salla squeaked in curiosity at where we are being transported.

Just then, the loading door cracked open, and the droids approached. The bright light blinded them.

"What were they trying to do? Kill all the vampires?" Muttered Winston.

What Winston saw next was truly amazing. Nope, that's too cliche. What Winston saw next was a bunch of crossbred bottom thumpers that probably don't know what an aristocrat is.

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