Luckily Gunk and Salla returned before the big blue brute arrived. When he did, the ugly ogre thing took up some weird stance, and basically told them to identify themselves. So like the idiot he is, Winston took charge.

"Thank you for the welcoming. We are refurbished labor droids delivered as a gift from the newly founded robotics factories on the planet Baron VIII. Our duty is to serve our new employers to our maximum capability. As for us, I am Winston, the self-deemed captain of the droids. This small mouse droid beside me is Salla, whom will be your vacuum, cleaning up messes and spillss. And this here is..." stated Winston in response, before he was abruptly cut off.

"My name is Gunk, I am the new walking trash compactor for your ship," interrupted Gunk.

The other droid's declared their identities and duties, before finally turning back to Winston, who seems to have to finalize things.

"So once again, thank you for your upcoming hospitality, and if you want to know anything more, I can answer. Until then, can we get to working?" Concluded Winston.

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