Check-up with Chec

"That kid has an attitude." Muttered Winston as he walked out. "That Thragan guy is really scary, even an Rancor should think twice before back talking to him. Wait can Rancor's talk? Nevermind" He enquired in his head.

Gunk and Salla followed along, and the other droid's were close behind. All of them were waiting to hear their orders from Winston, whom was their designated leader.

"Okay, so firstly, we are required to have a check up with Chec, I don't know where he is, but I assume someone does. Afterwards, we are going to be getting to work. We have vacuums, trash compactors, organizers, and other dutied robots. So I expect you all to perform to your maximum capabilities. I will talk to whoever can find us a charging room, and get us one. Since we can't work without energy. That's all for now, so let's get going." Stated Winston.

"So where is this Chec guy." Asked Gunk, as the other robots began their duties.

"I have no idea." Replied Winston.

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