OOC - Coming back soon™

Ahoy all, I am still alive and things are going to get into a groove. I am beginning another Master's degree so that will heat up. That said, I will need an outlet or two for my head. So I will be trying to get back into SWRM.

So from what I can tell, not a whole lot of writing has happened and we're maybe not quite at Naboo or just arrived? That's ok - less for me to catch up on.

If this is the case, I saw a question about time and since the Bantha is a slow beast, we can say it took us a week to get there. Maybe we took it slow on purpose, stay under the radar? Naboo is not far on the map, but we can go at the speed of plot if needed.

So if anyone else has thoughts, reply here. Otherwise, I'll try to chime back in here soon with some sort of briefing/meeting.

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