"That was easy, got it done and over with quick enough to let us work." Stated Gunk.

A few squeaks from Salla supported the Gonk droids opinions.

"Well, the other droid's are organizing the hallways, and any other area that are a mess. I mean all areas that are a mess." Responded Winston.

"What will we be doing then?" Asked Gunk.

"Simply put, we will be cleaning up the place. All those Dorito packages and soda bottles need to go somewhere. I will pick up the garbage to toss into Gunks compactor, and Salla will just sweep up the crumbs." Answered Winston.

"I heard something about going to this Naboo place, I wonder if we will be allowed to look around. They will probably have to watch us like leashed Eopies." Interrupted Gunk.

Salla squeaked in response to that. She had probably heard the same things.

"I assume we will be there soon, and there is a slight chance we can look around. Maybe if we do an good job we will get that luxury." Countered Winston.

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