Once the kindly mercenary captain and his ship, the Bantha, had finally left Rogue Moon's orbit, the journey had become peaceful. Armé didn't really get along particularly well with any of the crew other than Crystal, who did her best to make an otherwise unpleasant situation bearable. As the ship entered the atmosphere, Armé began to feel nervous. The Bounty Hunter that Armé had been forced to hire on as a replacement bodyguard had volunteered Armé's credits for this trip on top of the already-rediculous fee she was charging for her services. The captain had yet to say how many credits he was expecting for this trip, but Armé feared she was going to be in a tight place financially if she had to pay for all of this out of pocket.

Once the ship had stabilized after getting into Naboo's atmosphere, Armé made her way toward the cockpit to initiate the inevitable conversation. 

"And that's not my point." Armé overheard the captain growl, his tone heightened for sure. "The whole point is to build the crew, not scatter them."

After a moment, she heard the Chiss co-captain answer. "I understand captain, but half of them are a political liability. The further we go, the more people shall chase us down." 

Spivak sighed. "I'm not dropping anyone unless they want off. Not yet, not right now," to which Thragan curtly replied, "As you wish..."

It was then that Armé made her way into the cockpit, causing Captain Joh Spivak to hold back whatever retort had been on his tongue. As a senatorial aide, Armé made a habit of keeping her ears open, for being knowledgeable about things other people didn't want her to know about often helped Armé and her boss dodge a lot of the traps that were set for them in the cut-throat arena of intergalactic politics. As was her usual tactic when in situations like this where she may have been aware of more than these people wanted her to know, she decided to play dumb.

"Um, is this a bad time? I wanted to ask about payment for transporting me, and maybe give you some pointers for where you can land if you haven't already decided that, but I can hold off on that if you two need more time..."

Spivak chortled, looked at Thragan, and looked back to Armé. "As much as this may sound stupid, no need for payment. We may have to deal with questionable errands once in a while, but we're not that greedy." At least Joh and Crystal didn't appear that greedy. The others probably were.

"As far as pointers for landing, that would actually be handy. I don't think we want to call up the Royal Palace." Spivak turned and pulled up a map of their target city.

Armé frowned. Usually, when she came to Naboo, her pilot would work with the Royal Port's controllers to secure them a cushy dock, but given the circumstances, that plan probably wouldn't work well today. And he had offered to let her off of payment for the voyage, an offer she had no intention of refusing given the cost of her recent misfortunes, so he really did have the right to land wherever he wanted as far as she was concerned...

After a moment of examining Captain Spivak's map, she pointed at an area on the screen and remarked, "Ah well, in that case, I suppose we can land there in the merchant district. It should be more discrete."

Spivak nodded. "Ok, appreciated." He turned to look back at her. "We should be arriving momentarily. Do you have experience with the controllers there, or should I make the call down?"

"You will have to make the call down and request entry if you want a merchant district dock, but you can say you are escorting me, and I'll confirm that if you would like, and maybe they'll send a security escort, if you're worried about getting attacked by a bunch of thugs again," Armé commented wryly. Truthfully, the security escort wasn't necessary, but it would put her bounty hunter "bodyguard" in a tight spot, and Armé kind of wanted to see the vile woman squirm.

"I think we should be safe enough," the Captain replied, "Unless you really want a security escort."

"No I'll be fine," Armé sighed. "Let's just land and be on our way..."

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