Now what?

The landing had been uneventful, a nice change of pace from the chaos that had marked the departure from Rogue Moon. The passenger Armé had given Joh and Crystal a hug before departing for the palace with her bodyguard in tow. Now Joh had to figure out what to do with his eclectic and discontent crew.

First there was the group of droids, who seemed to wander off almost immediately. Thragan went after them, but Joh guessed the group might not return. Thragan was an old friend, and their paths would cross again one day. And hopefully the droids too. But for now, they had separate goals.

Second, there was the bounty hunter. She followed Armé a bit towards the palace, but didn't go too close. Her job was done and was not coming back. She would have been a good addition to the crew, but destinies were destinies.

Spivak looked back at the group who were clustered around the base of the gangway. "Ok, well." His face scrunched. "I supposed I should stay at the Bantha. Brulod, care to stick around? Perhaps we could look at some of the defenses of the Bantha. She needs some work."

Brulod sort of chuckled. "Yes, indeed... gloves up, right?"

Joh nodded with a grin and looked over at Crystal. "I know this may seem intimidating, but I want you to follow Armé. Or rather, just head to the palace and ensure her delivery goes well."

The girl looked at Snowflake for a few seconds - talking to each other as usual - and then looked back. "Well, I don't really want to..." Snowflake flipped his tail at Crystal rather hard. "Of course, captain."

Spivak tossed her a commlink. "Check in every 10 minutes. This is a big city, but it's far easier to navigate than some place like Rust Alley or Mos Eisley." The cities from Rogue Moon and Tatooine, respectively, were indeed poorly planned, organically developed spaces. Naboo was very nicely lid out, even in the merchant district.

Joh looked at the others and then Brulod and they headed back to the Bantha. "As soon as we hear affirmative from Armé, we're gone." And they faded on to the ship.

((OOC: Ok, Brulod and I, and presumably J'Nali and Skiskiy?, will join us on the Bantha and have some chatter and such. Arme, you have a tail, but in a good way hopefully. :) Let the games begin!!!))

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