OOC - Quick update

Folks, we have a few folks (re)joining us, so I am so glad. But particularly, the new members are as follows: Welcome Jos as Joskin Lobin (Chiss Soldier), Morthul as Skiskiy Swifttongue (Gungan Smuggler), and pending a tweak or two Phineaus as Talic Danto (Humanoid swiss army knife).

We will need to figure out how we run across them on Naboo, so we'll work that in as we move along this part of our story.

Just to be clear, Arme and Crystal are at the Palace, and Joh, Brulod, and J'nali are at the Bantha. And as mentioned above, the newcomers will find a way to us or us to them. :)

New folks, feel free to post your goings-on at Naboo prior to meeting us. Existing folks, keep the good times rolling!

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