Let's see what we can find out

Spivak entered the Bantha after barking some orders. After he got to thinking about their situation, he got a bit nervous. Brulod ensured they weren't being tracked, but still. There was something there, nagging at the back of his head, that this trip was not a simple drop of Arme.

Of course the odd chatter of Brulod took him off his worries almost immediately. Joh was used to it after these few days of flight, but it was still jarring sometimes.

Brulod found the panel he was looking for and opened it up. Great, more Jawa rigging of the systems. Who worked on this? He stood there for a moment then slowly went to work tracing systems and ensuring the weapon systems were fully operational.

"I did some work," Joh admitted. "But it was hired out. Supposedly really good crew." Ok, he had no idea, but the guy he hired kept good secrets.

Joh stayed in the main area with engineering and the lounge space. He went to the console and began pulling up maps of the main city as well as any bounty lists. Now in a system as relevant as Naboo, there were not a lot of items and they were not easy to find. But before he could dig into the list, he was beckoned.

“Heya Joh, what’s the plan here? Want me to make a trip into the market to find us some cargo. Can’t get paid with an empty hold.”

Spivak looked over at J'nali. The supplies for Tatooine was actually quite small, but they weren't completely empty. "Well, general supplies would be good. See if Brulod needs anything for repairs." Spivak handed out a credit chip. "We don't have a lot on there..."

The captain chortled as J'nali looked over at Brulod mumbling and digging into one of the panels. "And--" He was interrupted by the comm from

"Captain we found Arme she said she may need a ride to Hosnian Prim when she is done here."

Joh paused, thinking the capital of the new republic was not really a smart place for half this lot, but that could be discussed later. "Copy," he responded quickly and went back to his console hoping to find some dirt on this rock.

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