When she's not lying she's Stealing

“No need for ands or buts Joh. I work best with a long leash and few restraints.” J’nali smoothly pocketed the credit chip without noticeable effort almost as if she’d done it before. She worked best with other people’s money too, but Joh likely knew that and there wasn’t any reason to remind him.

She turned and moved over to their Splicer. Leaning against the wall she examined her fingernails and lamented their terrible condition. “Chec, I’m picking up supplies at the markets. What do you need? Keep the list small or I’ll have to steal it.”

Joh was ever vigilant. “No stealing!” he shouted to them both.

“Don’t worry, Joh, it’s just a bit of humor I use as a bonding tactic between myself and engineer-types. I think it’s working so don’t ruin the magic.”

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