Message and stranger

Crystal smiled and nodded. She and snowflake watched as an Armé left. Crystal then took her com out “ Captain this is Crystal and Snowflake checking in we are outside the palace waghting for Armé as soon as we get word from her we will head back to the ship” she said.

As she spoke to the captain Snowflake spited a blue skind alien. “ hay isent that Thragan“ snowflake said. This alerted crystal how looked in the direction of the indavigual snowflake was talking about. The pare only saw him from behind he looked like Thragan.

“ I think it is what’s he doing at the plaice thow” crystal though back. Snowflake just looked at her for a moment.

“ Why don’t we find out” snowflake said. The pare was waghting in the shaded near the steps of the palace. Crystal considered the idea for a moment she was not kean on the idea of going to far from the palace. Snowflake started walking in his direction. “ he’s not that far come on” he said.

“ alright” crystal though back. The pare aproched the blue skinned alien they thought was Thragan. “ Thragan Tharg...” she called and trailed off whe she got close enough to realize he was not Thragan. “ I’m sorry sir you look like someone we know” she said smiling at him. She looked back at the palace the around for danger. “ snowflake stay alart” crystal thought to the cat.

“Gee you think” he snaped back at her. Crystal struggled not to flinch at the hardness of the cats voice in her head.

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