Never Get Between a Woman and her Shopping

The cafe was more like a street vendor’s cart with a few crates stacked up as tables and chairs scattered around for seating oneself.

“I think Annabot has the proper way of it. I’ve always been drawn to arrogant men, if for no other reason than to discover whether that arrogance is warranted. You’re a handsome enough fellow, but I wouldn’t allow you to lead me around like a puppy or sit for a coffee for those reasons alone. Perhaps I was going to rob you; perhaps I already have. We’ll find out when you go to pay this fine establishment. You’ve got one thing right, I am on the hunt for a fair price on parts for my ship. Cargo too if I can find it.” She wrapped the dessert in a napkin and stuffed it in a pocket as she stood up from the makeshift table. “It’s been a pleasure Taloc. I thank you for the refreshment and the data cubes; I’ve read one of them before by the way, not telling which. I make it a point not to sit overlong with strangers unless there’s cards being dealt and in my chosen vocation time is money. So as much as I’d like to sit here and be wooed off my feet, we’ll have to stick a pin in it.” She gave him a suggestive wink and nodded to Anna whose personality stood out more than her appearance.

“You should listen to Anna more often. If you were serious about needing passage I’ll be docked at the berth until I ain’t. Look for the Bantha. Now I really must be off to track down multiplexers, converters, motivators, discharge vanes…..” She was ticking each one off on her fingers as the mumbled it outloud and mingled into the crowd.

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