Honey, I'm Home!

After four hours searching and haggling in the markets of Naboo, J’nali finally had all of the parts she’d been sent to procure. Well, the ones she deemed most critical. Joh’s credit chip hadn’t been enough to purchase everything so some of it would just have to go unbought. That wasn’t to say she didn’t come back to the ship with it, she just hadn’t necessarily acquired it through strictly legal means. The parts and larger items were all legit; she couldn’t exactly stick a coupling motivator up her sleeve, but she’d pilfered a few valuables and sold them cheap enough to avoid the customary questions of ownership, not that those particular merchants were the sort to ask too many questions. With those ill-gotten proceeds she’d been able to bargain for a modest supply of general goods which were crated up and stacked on the sled along with the parts. It wasn’t her sled, but a seedy looking unshaven broker had agreed to give her and the gear a lift back to the Bantha. He hadn’t done it out of the kindness of his heart; he wasn’t the sort to do anything out of the kindness of his heart. In the end he and J’nali had settled on a nonmonetary price, more of an exposure of flesh really. In her thinking it was no price at all and something she was already apt to do after a few too many drinks. So she’d done it sober and for the good of the ship.

As the sled pulled up to the Bantha’s loading ramp J’nali hopped off the seat and finished tucking her shirt into the slim pants she wore. The sled’s owner and operator looked her up and down again and began offering his next deal. “I like the way you do business. I’d be willing to help you unload all this gear for an additional price.”

J’nali moved to the back of the sled and got to work unloading. “Sorry, no can do, Mister. My lover’s right inside and he’s not likely to appreciate me getting too shameless with an as yet unknown stranger such as yourself. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, but I won’t do that to him on the ramp of his ship. You’re welcome to watch me off-load the gear, I’m almost certain I’ll have to bend over a few times, but I gotta warn you, he’s a Wookie and his temper gets very short when I’ve been bawdy.”

At that the broker hopped up and quickly helped remove the gear from his sled, place it straight on the ground at their feet and jumped behind the console to whip the utility vehicle around and speed off towards the markets. J’nali watched him disappear and chuckled. She stooped down to grab one of the crates and began lugging it up the ramp. She let out an ear splitting whistle and called to the crew, whoever may be there to hear. “There’s more gear outside; someone wanna give me a hand?”

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