Snowflake looked around before looking back at Crystal. “ sumthing is wrong, it’s been way to long” he said to crystal. They had been waght in outside the palace for quite some time. The person they thought was there XO had alredy left and the pare were starting to worrie.

“ yah but what can we do without starting trouble perhaps the Guard can help us if anything he might know someone how will be able to help” crystal thought back as she looked around considering there options.

Snowflake thought for a moment “ or she could have walked into a trap and by asking him we could walk into the same trap” the cat said back. This was a serious concern.

Crystal thought before pulling out her com out. “ if she did walk into a trap the best way to find her is to walk into the same trap beside will let the captain know if we don’t respond to him he will know to come looking for us” she said.

“ or he will turn and run but we can’t turn are backs on Armé.” He said relutinly as crystal keyed her com.

“ captain Armé has not come back yet we think something is wrong we are going to investigate, snowflake thinks she may have walked into a trap” crystal said. She turned the com of and the pair aproched the guard. He seamed nervous it did not take snowflakes keen sense to see that. “ excuse me sir? Could you help us are friend Armé entered the palace some time ago to speak with the queen she has not returned I was wondering if you might be able to tell us why” she asked.

“ quite using us he’s going to finger it out” the cat worned.

“ breath snowflake we will be fine” she said.

Guardsman Herik looked from her to the cat and back. “ is that going to atack me” the gard asked. He had not expected the girl to just walk right up to. What dumb luck after getting the call to arest her. Unfortunately her timing was pore as she showed up before his back up did.

“ well that’s a new one” snowflake said sarcastically.

“ shhh will you” crystal thought before thinking about an appropriate response.

“ no he’s friendly as long as you don’t atack us but who would not fight back if they were attacked anyway about are friend”crystal said. Just then snowflake let out a low deep growl of worning. Crystal looked up past Harik to see several grads with blasters point at them.

“ yah i think she walked into a trap” snowflake said. He was in a low defensive stance be he had not yet bared his teath infact even the growling had stoped.

Guardsman Herik Was relieved to see his back up had come. However he was not looking forward to the possibility of a confrontation with the cat.” Your friend will have to wate you are under arest for a suspected crime on rouge moon. You and your cat will need to come with me to the sacurity station.” The gard said.

“ yah this is definitely a trap how could they have know we came from rough moon it’s not like we are on any records or have any form of ID” crystal thought to snowflake. She considered there options one by one. Run witch was out of the question they would never find Armé. Fight also not the best idea or follow them and try and escape later.

“ as much as I don’t like it I say we follow instructions it’s are best chance to find Armé. We can’t just leave her behind especially if she is in trouble” snowflake said.
Crystal nodded her agreement. Snowflake sat at her side.

“ alright lead the way” she said to Harik. He was surprised she did not fight with him. But he was not going to complain as long as her pet did not atack him. She let the gards place binders on her and lead her to the Palace security station. Snowflake followed calmly.

“ so how do you plan to get us out of this mess” snowflake said as they walked she suddenly decided he did not like this idea. But they had already committed to it so there was no going back now.

“ take it one step at a time we need to find Armé first.” She said simply. They continued to walk in silence until the had prisumidly arived. The were eventually placed in a holding cell with Armé.

“ so did we just walk into a trap” crystal asked with a smile as they walked in snowflake circled the cell looking for a weakness or way out wail Crystal spoke to Armé.

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